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The Greater Cost of Constipation

By Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Dec 2 2019 02:00AM

Here we are again, perched on the edge of the silly season - Christmas. The perfect time for over indulgence in just about every way, but especially for our poor digestive systems. So I thought, to keep things seasonal but to make a refreshing change, I'd focus on what comes out of our bodies at this time of year, rather than what goes in... I'm sure you don't need another mince pie recipe anyway!

I was recently engaged in a conversation with other colonic therapists about the appropriate frequency for a person to open their bowels. This was sparked by a podcast from a GP who had stated that it was perfectly acceptable for a person to go for a poo once every two or three days. As you can imagine, we see lots of people in the clinic for whom constipation and irregular bowel function is the cause of their visit. Many, if not all of these people have visited their GPs and been similarly reassured that having a poo once or twice a week is an acceptable rhythm if it's natural for them. Well I would beg to differ and here's why.

Releasing waste products is essential for any living thing. Going for a poo daily is part of a natural pattern. Each of our organs has many functions to perform and none of them will do so at an optimal level if they're living in a state of pollution. Have you ever stuck a banana up a car's exhaust pipe? I expect not, but if you did, do you know what would happen? The engine, swamped by its own fumes and unable to access any oxygen, would stall, and so it is with our bodies too. We must keep our exhaust pipes clear!

Whilst constipation can be darned uncomfortable to live with and cause us to feel sluggish in body and mind, the negative effect of not regularly opening our bowels has a much greater impact on our overall wellbeing. Our bodies are masters of adaptation but there are limits to what they can withstand over time. Left unchecked, a chronic constipation pattern can lead to serious health complaints which go far beyond the unwelcome feeling of bloating and fullness.

Often, a cause of constipation is something called dysbiosis. This is the medical term for a bacterial imbalance in our gut. If there is insufficient positive bacteria in the gut, the digestive process is compromised and waste matter literally gets stuck, even when we're eating lots of fibre. When this happens and the poop is stalled, the negative bacteria proliferate. As they give off toxic gases which further pollutes our system, we might find ourselves with bloating and horrible smelling wind. And sadly, when the positive bacteria become overrun by the negative, one of their main functions, which is to maintain the integrity of the gut wall, becomes compromised. Consequently, toxins, pollutants and eventually food particles, will make their way through the gut lining and into the blood stream where they trigger an immune response. This is the beginning of a leaky gut, and leaky gut syndrome is at the root of many health problems and auto immune diseases.

I know we all experience the odd occasion when we don't open our bowels; perhaps a holiday or a change in diet is the trigger, but if constipation is a regular occurrence for you, please don't put up with it for long and speak to us instead. Let us be your pollution solution! If you know people that suffer with this condition, let them know that there is help available at The Healthy Gut Clinic.

Our 21 Day Gut Microbiome Reset Programme

Wow, this is proving to be a huge success amongst our clients and it's so exciting to see the results coming in. We've seen people change their diets for good, eliminate their sugar cravings, enjoy huge weight loss, reduction in body pain and have tonnes more energy. You can view some of the feedback on our Facebook page or check out the series of videos that I shared which clearly evidences the improvements for me. If you'd like to find out more about this programme, please get in touch by sending an email to [email protected] and either myself or Lotus will come back to you.

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